The Gospel of Luke

The Power and Preaching of Jesus


The core of Christian faith is not a set of concepts to believe or morals to live, but a person to trust.

That person is Jesus of Nazareth.


The Gospel of Luke shows us who Jesus is as it recounts his power and preaching. As we see his works and hear his words, we learn to trust him as the one true savior for all people, regardless of status or background. Join us this fall and winter as we follow the earthly ministry of Jesus in Luke chapters 4 through 9 . 



Part 1 – Familiarity with Jesus – Kevin Rogers. Familiarity can blind us to who a person is. The people in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth were skeptical of his claims and felt entitled to his power. Therefore, they missed the opportunity to humbly hear his message and respond in faith.

Part 2 – Miracles That Preach – Kevin Rogers. The miracles of Jesus make a statement about the man. They show us his authority, identity, and mission.

Part 3 – The Call to Discipleship – John Leconte. Jesus calls you to join his team. This call to discipleship is gracious, definite, missional, and sacrificial.

Part 4 – Two Miracles – Robin Boisvert. Jesus is willing and able to cleanse the outcast, and he has the authority to forgive sins.



  • Book: Luke for YouMike McKinley – A great guide for small group study or for going deeper into Luke in personal devotions. 

  • Scripture Journal – This simple journal provides the full text of the Gospel of Luke with ruled pages for sermon notes, personal reflections and prayers. 

  • Bible Project Video – This video gives a helpful big picture overview of the first half of the Gospel of Luke. 

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