Summer in the Psalms

How to Live in God's World According to God's Word

How to live in God’s world according to God’s Word—that’s the challenge we all face.

Thankfully, God has provided us with help for the journey. The Book of Psalms has been called a manual for all the seasons of the soul. Those seasons include times of grief and heartache but also joy and exhilaration. Periods of confident hope may alternate with days of perplexity and fear. 

There are different kinds of psalms which speak to these different seasons. And there are different ways of grouping the psalms, but Old Testament scholar Mark Futato suggests a “big three” division into:

  1. Songs of Praise – These psalms provide us with a proper orientation, the way things ought to be. They give us a good sense of our surroundings and point us in the right direction.
  2. Songs of Lament – These psalms express disorientation. This is what happens when we get off track. Then we become confused, lose our sense of direction, become unsure of ourselves, fearful, depressed. Ever been there? I know I have!
  3. Songs of Thanksgiving – These psalms help us get reoriented or back on track. These psalms pick us up, dust us off and set us back on our way rejoicing. 

In this twelve week series we will learn wisdom from all three categories to help us navigate the twists and turns of our journey from earth to heaven. Our hope is that our summer in the psalms will enable us to better experience the abundant life for which God created us. That’s the reason God has given us the Book of Psalms.


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