This Week

November 15 - 22

Sunday | Nov. 15

Today's Message

1 Timothy 5:3-16 —The Needy Honored

Robin Boisvert

Today's Announcements

Christmas Offering - December 8

Many among us may be in need of financial assistance, especially during the holidays. Let us extend a hand of love by providing for them via the Christmas Offering. 

Choir Signup

If you are interested in using your voice to serve in the choir, please sign up in the lobby!

Coming Up...

"Restored" Men's Event

November 22-23

We all need community who will support us in repenting and overcoming our sin. This seminar, "Restored: A Call to a New Life in Christ" is a safe place for men to find such a community to pursue a new life in Christ. Please register! 

All-Church Breakfast

December 8

We were created to enjoy each other in fellowship! Join us before service to spend quality time with your church community while enjoying breakfast.