No Other Gospel

“Drift” is a continuous, slow movement from one place to another. It’s getting off course, almost imperceptibly, from your aim. We drift by nature apart from intentional focus. It happens in our work, our family life, and it happens in our faith. 

The foundation and fuel of our faith is the gospel, the good news that we are justified by God through faith in Jesus Christ. But we can easily drift from the true gospel and toward other false “gospels.” We can put our trust in our efforts instead of Christ alone. We can live for certain results we want to see in our lives instead of God’s glory. We can ignore the gospel and become enamored by other spiritual interests or fascinating claims. 

That’s what happened in the churches in Galatia. They were “bewitched” (3:1) by counterfeit teachers and abandoned the true gospel. It can happen in our churches too. Paul addresses this drift with his most ardent letter, calling us to renewed fidelity to the gospel of Christ, living by the Spirit of Christ. 

Join us for this 14-week series as we explore what it means to “live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”



Part 1 – Embrace God’s Grace and Peace – Kevin Rogers. Paul introduces us not only to himself and his original readers but to the main theme of the entire book: Christians are free from the tyranny of sin through faith in Christ and through faith in Christ alone.

Part 2 – Warning Against a Fake Gospel – Jose Troche. All people, even Christians, tend to turn to fake gospels. Paul has strong warnings for those who preach and embrace them.

Part 3 –  God Himself is the Source of the Gospel – Kevin Rogers. Paul uses his life story to prove that he was not the source of his message. Four things in his conversion demonstrate that God is the source of the gospel. God is the one who consecrated Paul, called him by grace, revealed the Son to him, and commissioned him for a purpose.


Helpful Resources


Video: Galatians – The Bible Project. Galatians teaches that believers are justified by Jesus alone. They are a part of a diverse family and equipped by the Spirit to love God and others.


Galatians for You – Tim Keller. For personal and small group study. Available at the church bookstore. 


ESV Scripture Journal – Journal through this sermon series alongside the text. Available at the church bookstore. 


Galatians – Martin Luther. Dig deeper into Galatians, the gospel, and church history all at the same time with this classic commentary. 

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