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Date: November 2012

A Mighty Fortress is Our God


Speaker: Mark Mullery

Text: Psalms 46

Where do you turn when disaster descends? Confidence is possible because the invincible, invisible, eternal, almighty God is with you, disciple of Jesus.

Matthew: The Life and Words of Jesus, Part 24

The Call to Discipleship


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Matthew 7:13-29

Jesus sets before us two destinies. He makes a call to discipleship, and it requires a choice. Will we follow him?

Matthew: The Life and Words of Jesus, Part 23

The Golden Rule


Speaker: Joshua Harris

Text: Matthew 7:12

Jesus distills the entire law into a single sentence, not so that we might attempt to earn our salvation by our good works but to expose the folly of trying to being justified by the law.

I Will Not Leave You as Orphans


Speaker: Ben Wikner

Text: James 1:27

The gospel is God's solution to the orphan crisis. As a loving father, God came to adopt spiritual orphans into his family, and then he calls his adopted children to care for the fatherless of this world.