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Topic: Assurance of Salvation

Stepping Away from the Ledge


Speaker: Russell Moore

Text: Luke 4:9-13

Standing on top of the temple, the devil offered Jesus the opportunity to test his Father's love and power, to be assured of his future. Instead, Jesus entrusted himself to God whose ability to rescue was proven by the resurrection from the dead.

2 Peter, Part 3

Adorn Faith with Godliness


Speaker: Ben Wikner

Text: 2 Peter 1:5-11

God calls and equips believers to adorn their faith with godly character.

The Triumph of Sovereign Grace


Speaker: Peter Greasley

Text: Romans 5:12-21

When Adam committed cosmic treason against his creator, so did we. Everyone was born in sin through Adam, but everyone who has been born anew in Christ can rest in the overwhelmingly abundant and triumphant grace of God.