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Topic: Satan

Matthew: The Life and Words of Jesus, Part 27

The Storm Calmer


Speaker: Joshua Harris

Text: Matthew 8:23-9:8

Jesus Christ had miraculous power on earth to prove he has total authority, even to forgive sins.

Matthew: The Life and Words of Jesus, Part 5

The Temptation and Victory of Christ


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Matthew 3:13-4:11

Jesus overcomes the devil’s temptations on our behalf by passing the test that Israel failed.

Nehemiah: When God Revives His People, Part 4



Speaker: Joshua Harris

Text: Nehemiah 4

When we engage in serving God, opposition from Satan is unavoidable. The devil uses many tactics, but his opposition will not stop the work of the church because the Lord fights for his people.

Lessons on Affliction from the Story of Job


Speaker: Bruce Ware

Text: Job 1-2

What can we learn about suffering and the sovereignty and goodness of God from the book of Job?

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