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Topic: Prayer

Last Words, Part 8

Access to God


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: John 16:25-33

We can know the Father clearly and we can approach the Father directly because the Father loves us personally. So, even in a troubled world, we take courage.

Devotion to Prayer and our Witness to the World


Speaker: Mark Mitchell

Text: Colossians 4:2-6

As believers in Jesus, we must not forget to be devoted to prayer and wise toward the world.

Jesus’ Teaching On How To Pray


Speaker: Jose Troche

Text: Matthew 6:5-13

Jesus teaches his disciples and us how to pray eagerly: seeking the glory of God and humbly appealing to his sovereign care.

Women of the Word Conference, Part 2

Psalms as Prayer


Speaker: Kathleen Neilson

Text: Psalms 51

Psalm 51 does not just instruct us about how to pray; it offers us living and active words of prayer. As David lays bare his heart before God in this poem, we can take these words to heart and do the same.

Standing Firm: A Recipe for Stability


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Philippians 4:1-7

The key to overcoming anxiety about anything is to pray about everything.

Matthew: The Life and Words of Jesus, Part 22

Ask and Keep Asking


Speaker: Mark Mitchell

Text: Matthew 7:7-11

Jesus promises that asking, and even asking again, is not futile because God honors persistence and he delights in giving good gifts.

The Doctrine of the Trinity, Part 5

Final Reflections


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Galatians 4:4-6

In this last session, we discuss the trinity as it relates to worship, prayer, love and inclusive language.

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