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Date: January 2013

Matthew: The Life and Words of Jesus, Part 25

Authority To Heal


Speaker: Joshua Harris

Text: Matthew 8:1-17

Jesus exercised his authority with great compassion, reaching the whole world with healing, both physical and spiritual.

Better News Than You Think


Speaker: Mark Lauterbach

Text: Romans 8:28-39

The gospel is more than forgiveness. Christ has so fully triumphed over our enemies that we have the God of hope, of provision, and of purpose as our Father.

Living Three Dimensional Lives


Speaker: Ken Sande

Text: Matthew 22:37-39

God created us to be three dimensional people, using our hearts, souls, and minds to be aware of self, others, and God.

Joined with Jesus


Speaker: Jesse Jarvis

Text: John 15:1-5

As Christ's church, everything God says we are and everything God calls us to do is the result of our being joined with Jesus.