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Topic: Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Men’s Breakfast: Resist Isolation


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Romans 3:23-24

The truth of the gospel frees us to forsake isolation and pursue relationship as Christian men.

What About Women and the Bible?


Speaker: Roddy Aguirre

Is Christianity good for women? Our culture argues that Christianity is bad for women. The gospel, however, changes everything for women.

1 Peter: Living Hope, Part 6

God-Fearing and Honorable Conduct at Home


Speaker: John Leconte

Text: 1 Peter 3:1-7

Wife, subject yourself to your husband’s leadership. Husband, live with your wife in an understanding way. And to both, do so for the Lord’s sake!

Why Fathers Are Indispensable


Speaker: Jamie Leach

Jamie interviews some CLC dads about what they've learned and then shares biblical wisdom on how God calls and equips us for fatherhood.

Men’s Gathering Panel Discussion- Jesus at Work: How Christ Views our Daily Work and Life


A panel comprised of Travis Earles, Corby Megorden, Doug Duberstein, Jamie Leach and Pat Ennis discusses how Christ views our daily work and life.

Men’s Gathering


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Robin talks to the men about the importance of marriage.

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