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Date: May 2019



Speaker: Michael Crawford

Text: Mark 6:30-32

Do you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities and difficulties in your life? In this text we look into Jesus's call for his disciples to rest, as well as its practical implications for our busy world today.

Last Words, Part 3

The Promise of God’s Presence


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

As Jesus is about to leave the disciples for the cross, he comforts them by reminding them of the necessity of obedience, the reality of the Holy Spirit, and the blessing of relationship.

Last Words, Part 2

Believing is Seeing


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: John 14:7-14

The most practical thing in a time of testing is believing what Jesus teaches about the One God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Because that is what will provide stability for your troubled souls. It will provide fuel for you service. It will truly thrill you, because this is who God is.

Last Words, Part 1

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: John 14:1-6

Our hearts move from troubled to tranquil when we believe that Jesus holds our future.

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