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Date: October 2011

2 Peter, Part 5

The Divine Origin of Scripture


Speaker: Jerry Bridges

Text: 2 Peter 1:16-21

What is more sure than Peter's own experience of seeing Jesus in his majesty and hearing the voice of God on the mount of transfiguration? Christians find greater surety in the words of the Bible than any personal experience.

Orphan Care and Adoption


Speaker: Russell Moore

Text: James 1:27

Dr. Russell Moore speaks on the various challenges faced by families who adopt and the wonderful calling to care for orphans as the people of God.

Stepping Away from the Ledge


Speaker: Russell Moore

Text: Luke 4:9-13

Standing on top of the temple, the devil offered Jesus the opportunity to test his Father's love and power, to be assured of his future. Instead, Jesus entrusted himself to God whose ability to rescue was proven by the resurrection from the dead.

Wanting Food, Not Fathering


Speaker: Russell Moore

Text: Matthew 3:13-4:4

Satanic powers want to destroy Christians by leading them to forget who they are in Christ and to tempt them to grasp for themselves the things they desire.

Testing Emergency Announcement