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Date: September 2019

1 Timothy: A Family on a Mission, Part 4

Pleading for the Salvation of All People


Speaker: Jose Troche

Text: 1 Timothy 2:1-8

We are called to pray, to plead for the salvation of all people.

1 Timothy: A Family on a Mission, Part 3

Marked by Mercy


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: 1 Timothy 1:12-20

Whatever good exists in you or exists in us together, exists only because of the mercy of God. Knowing that will produce a kind of thankful self-forgetfulness that honors God.

1 Timothy: A Family on a Mission, Part 2

Rooted in Truth


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

To be a church family that knows and lives the truth, we must remain in our charge, a charge to be a people that aim to produce love. We must also beware of signs that we or others may be swerving from the truth.

1 Timothy: A Family on a Mission, Part 1

A Family on a Mission


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

We are a family on a mission. And the door of our house is painted red. We enter God’s house because of God grace, to live his truth, and to proclaim his salvation.

What the Church Should Be Like in Times Like These


Speaker: Michael Crawford

In times like these, the church must be discerning, loving, and committed to declaring the truth.

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