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Date: December 2016

Brown Paper Packages


Speaker: Greg Somerville

Sometimes the best gifts get overlooked just because they are wrapped in brown paper.

Romans: The Most Important Letter Ever Written, Part 12

Romans 16


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Romans 16:1-16

God can use greeting to change lives, by making a difference in an individual and in a church.

Romans: The Most Important Letter Ever Written, Part 11

Put Others First


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Romans 15

God’s Word gives us a command, a model, a guide and a goal to compel us to live in Christian unity despite our differences.

Romans: The Most Important Letter Ever Written, Part 10

God’s Mercies and Our Relationships


Speaker: Mark Mitchell

Text: Romans 12

God's mercies are intended to be the very springboard and power that governs all our relationships to God, self, one another and even our enemies.

Protecting The Vulnerable, Part 3

How Christians Should Respond to Child Abuse


Speaker: Julie Lowe

When child abuse occurs, the Christian community should respond with support, comfort, understanding and love that perseveres over the long haul.

Protecting The Vulnerable, Part 2

Teaching Kids about Sex and Personal Safety


Speaker: Julie Lowe

Be proactive and intentional in teaching your kids about sex and personal safety: talk often, talk freely, and talk soon.

Protecting The Vulnerable, Part 1

The Nature of Predatorial Behavior


Speaker: Julie Lowe

Being alert to potential predators means knowing the deceitful ways predators think and behave toward both parents and children.