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Topic: Death

Afterlife: Death, Hell, Heaven, Part 1



Speaker: P.J. Smyth

Text: John 11

Death is not your end. Death is not the beginning of your end. Death is just the end of your beginning.

The Sanctity of Human Life


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Genesis 1:25-27

A mature theology of human life will lead us toward increasing clarity and compassion.

What I’m Thankful For


Speaker: Joshua Harris

In moments of tragedy and death, where do we find comfort, hope, and even gratefulness? We can find them in Scripture’s assurance of God's nearness to the brokenhearted, his goodness, and his unfailing promises of eternal life.

Matthew: The Life and Words of Jesus, Part 29

Jesus Christ, Compassionate Lord


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Faith is like a lifeline thrown out to someone who’s fallen overboard. The one on the saving end of the line is Jesus. Your faith is what connects you to him.

The Resurrection Confronts


Speaker: Joshua Harris

Text: Acts 17:16-34

The resurrection of Jesus can be a great source of comfort, but before it comforts us, it confronts us with the reality of a day of judgment. How will we respond?

Death Shall Be No More


Speaker: Joshua Harris

Text: Revelation 21:1-8

In the end, Jesus Christ will be victorious. God will remake the world, right all the wrongs of this life, and then dwell among us himself.

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