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Series: Luke: The Wisdom of Jesus

Luke: The Wisdom of Jesus, Part 1

The Bad News of the Good Samaritan


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Luke: 10:25-37

While the parable of the Good Samaritan provides an example of compassion, Jesus also uses it to reveal a much deeper issue that requires not just a simple change in behavior but a full regeneration of the heart.

Luke: The Wisdom of Jesus, Part 2

The Rich Fool


Speaker: Pat Ennis

Text: Luke 12:13-21

Jesus has a stern warning for us in this parable: He who covets and stores up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God is a fool.

Luke: The Wisdom of Jesus, Part 3

The Prodigal Son


Speaker: Jose Troche

Text: Luke 15:11-32

A reckless sinner who humbly repents is celebrated over the proud whose confidence is in himself.

Luke: the Wisdom of Jesus, Part 4

The Lord Receives Sinners


Speaker: John Leconte

Text: Luke 15:1-10

The Lord Jesus receives and, in fact, seeks out lost sinners. He then rejoices with heaven when they are “found” as they demonstrate faith and repentance.

Luke: The Wisdom of Jesus, Part 5

The Parable of the Wedding Feast


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Luke 14:1-24

We can tragically miss out on life in Christ because we are preoccupied with self-interest, self-promotion, self-preservation, and self-absorption.

Luke: The Wisdom of Jesus, Part 6

The Rich Man and Lazarus


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Luke 16:19-31

A life devoted to God is marked by generosity, compassion, and a regard for Scripture, which will have a bearing on our eternal destiny.

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