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Date: June 2017

The Fatherhood of God


Speaker: Mbonisi Malaba

Dr. Mbonisi Malaba, a pastor and physician from Kenya, preaches on the fatherhood of God. When we truly know God's loving character it changes our lives.

Why I Am Reformed and Charismatic


Speaker: Andrew Wilson

Text: Acts 4:23-37

Andrew Wilson addresses foundational issues for us as a church, proclaiming both God's absolute, sovereign rule over all things and his power at work through miraculous gifts today. Christianity involves both doctrine and devotion, truth and experience, and the Word and the Spirit.

Tough Questions, Part 4

How Can There Be Only One Way To God?


Speaker: PJ Smyth

In the last message of our Tough Questions series, PJ Smyth answers common objections about Jesus' claim to be the only path to God.