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Series: Proverbs: Living Wisely

Proverbs: Living Wisely, Part 1

The Fear of the Lord


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Strange as it may seem, the heart that both fears and loves God is not divided but united in a singular way. The fear of God and the love of God are emotions rooted in trust. Faith in his warnings, causing us to fear. Faith in his promises causing us to love.

Proverbs: Living Wisely, Part 2

The Proverbs


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers introduces the Proverbs by overviewing the author’s material, objectives, audience, and claim.

Proverbs: Living Wisely, Part 3

The Sluggard


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Proverbs 6:6-11

The sluggard is someone who does what he wants to do instead of what he ought to do.

Proverbs: Living Wisely, Part 4



Speaker: Steve Wyzga

Text: Proverbs 5:1-23

We live wisely when we stay far from the forbidden woman, invest in the wife of our youth, and fear God.

Proverbs: Living Wisely, Part 5

Money and Wealth


Speaker: Jose Troche

The book of Proverbs has valuable, matter-of-fact wisdom that we can learn from in relation to wealth and possessions.

Proverbs: Living Wisely, Part 6



Speaker: Todd Keeler

God’s perspective, process, and path for raising children brings blessing.

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