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Date: November 2015

Saved and Set Free to Proclaim the Gospel


Speaker: John Leconte

Text: Luke 8:26-39

Through an encounter with Jesus Christ, God radically transforms lives, so that through them others know the good news about his kingdom. In Jesus Christ, we are saved and set free to proclaim the Gospel.

Exodus: Saved for God's Glory, Part 15

God Dwells With His People


Speaker: Don DeVries

Text: Exodus 40

God purposed to be with his people.

Exodus: Saved for God's Glory, Part 14

Blessed Reassurance - The Covenant Is Renewed


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Exodus 33-34

In spite of their failure, God renews the covenant and reassures His people. God's gracious covenant love is stronger than our sin.

Exodus: Saved for God's Glory, Part 13

The Golden Calf


Speaker: Mark Mitchell

Text: Exodus 31:18-32:35

The sin of idolatry is deadly serious but forgiveness is possible through God’s provision of an intercessor.

Building Marriages for the Glory of God, Part 1

Life, Marriage, and the Glory of God


Speaker: Keith Welton

This seminar explores foundational biblical principles that marriage is God's idea and it is good. Marriage is God's idea by creating male and female to fulfill His purposes together, by creating a helper fit for Adam, by giving away the first bride and by speaking marriage's design of a one-flesh union into existence. After laying the theological foundation for marriage, this seminar then explores what it practically means to "think together" as a couple.

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