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Topic: Church Issues

Tough Questions, Part 1

Why Do Christians Seem Judgmental and Hypocritical?


Speaker: P.J. Smyth

Text: Matthew 7:1-6

We surveyed residents of our area to hear their objections to Christianity. In this message, PJ addresses this top objection, followed by a panel answering questions from those in attendance.

RE:NEW, Part 1



Speaker: Joshua Harris

Text: Psalms 107

Seeing the hand of God in your story helps you to trust him for the future.

Work: Why It Matters, Part 3

The Mission: Work as Ministry


Speaker: Keith Welton

Text: Genesis 2:15

How does your work further the mission of God? Work furthers the mission by providing opportunities to extend common grace, share the word of God, give of our harvest, and much more.

The Glue of Christian Unity, Part 1

Christ Above All and in All


Speaker: Joshua Harris

Text: Colossians 3:9-15

What keeps Christians united even in disagreement? In the church, Christ is above all and in all, and people's identities in him are more important than anything else about them.