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Topic: Humility

Luke: The Wisdom of Jesus, Part 1

The Bad News of the Good Samaritan


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Luke: 10:25-37

While the parable of the Good Samaritan provides an example of compassion, Jesus also uses it to reveal a much deeper issue that requires not just a simple change in behavior but a full regeneration of the heart.



Speaker: Matt Maka

Text: Philemon 1

Paul urges Philemon and the Church to encourage one another, make sacrifices, and demonstrate grace as they pursue Gospel reconciliation for the sake of Christ.

Luke: The Power and Preaching of Jesus, Part 1

Familiarity with Jesus


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Luke 4:14-30

Familiarity can blind us to who a person is. The people in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth were skeptical of his claims and felt entitled to his power. Therefore, they missed the opportunity to humbly hear his message and respond in faith.

Summer in the Psalms, Part 9

The Source of Our Stability


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Psalm 90

Life is short, so God himself is our only true protection, provision, and rest. May he help us to live wisely, be satisfied with his love, and see his power establish the works or our hands.

God Has Spoken: A Series in the Minor Prophets, Part 5



Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Obadiah

Obadiah’s prophecy demonstrates the justice of God for Edom’s pride and mistreatment of God’s people, but it also offers hope that all nations shall become a part of God’s kingdom.

2 Peter, Part 1

The Stability of Our Times


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: 2 Peter 1-3

We live in a fallen world, an unstable world, a world of uncertainty. However, growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ is the antidote to that instability.

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