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Scripture: Luke

This Man Receives Sinners


Speaker: Michael Crawford

Text: Luke 15:1-9

There has never been anyone more fit to receive sinners than Jesus.

Songs for a Savior, Part 4

The Song of Simeon


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Luke 2:21-35

Simeon, his song and his prophecy, leave us marveling, wondering at Jesus. What child is this?

Songs for a Savior, Part 3

The Song of the Angels


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Luke 2:1-21

The angels know what's unfolding when Jesus' entered the earth, for they are singing it out! But the humans are just beginning to comprehend.

Songs for a Savior, Part 2

Salvation Has Come


Speaker: Jose Troche

Text: Luke 1:67-79

We used to live in darkness, we were dead, we walked in the path of misery and hopelessness, but Jesus came to lead us into a path of peace and salvation.

Songs for a Savior, Part 1

Mary’s Song


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Luke 1:26-50

Advent begins in the dark. Then, all of a sudden, there's a glimmer of hope. Word comes to Mary that a deliverer is coming.

Afterlife: Death, Hell, Heaven, Part 2



Speaker: P.J. Smyth

Text: Luke 16

A straight-talking, hard-hitting overview on what the Bible teaches about hell.

Mission Weekend 2016

The Message of the Mission


Speaker: P.J. Smyth

Text: Luke 15

Christians are not saved because we are bad or good, but because we are forgiven.

God’s Sovereignty and our Faith


Speaker: P.J. Smyth

Text: Luke 1:6-70

In this passage, the author Luke introduces Jesus the Messiah, reassures us of the unstoppable plan of God despite our deficits and stirs our faith so we can participate well in God's plan.

Saved and Set Free to Proclaim the Gospel


Speaker: John Leconte

Text: Luke 8:26-39

Through an encounter with Jesus Christ, God radically transforms lives, so that through them others know the good news about his kingdom. In Jesus Christ, we are saved and set free to proclaim the Gospel.

Worthy15, Part 4

The Love of God


Speaker: P.J. Smyth

Text: Luke 15

Worthy13, Part 4

The Cost of Following Jesus


Speaker: Trip Lee

Text: Luke 9:23-27

Trip expounds on Christ's threefold challenge to those who desire to be his disciples. They must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow him.

Stepping Away from the Ledge


Speaker: Russell Moore

Text: Luke 4:9-13

Standing on top of the temple, the devil offered Jesus the opportunity to test his Father's love and power, to be assured of his future. Instead, Jesus entrusted himself to God whose ability to rescue was proven by the resurrection from the dead.

How We Got the Bible, Part 3

The Canon of Scripture


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Luke 24:44

This session explores the historical development of the Old and New Testaments, along with a discussion of the Apocrypha.