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Date: July 2023

Summer in the Psalms, Part 7

Where to Go with Guilt


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Psalms 51

The path to forgiveness and freedom from guilt is one that goes to God in confession and pursuit of restoration.

Summer in the Psalms, Part 6

Water in the Wilderness


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Psalm 63

We carry more burdens than we ought because we have less of God than we need. Come to him in prayer, behold his power and glory, and let him satisfy your soul like water in the wilderness.

Summer in the Psalms, Part 5

A Psalm of National Lament


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Text: Psalm 44

God’s goal is not for us to have happy lives apart from him. His goal is his own glory, which he graciously invites us to participate in. But that invitation also contains an element of suffering.

Dinner with Jesus


Speaker: Mike McKinley

Text: Matthew 9:9-13

Why does Jesus eat with tax collectors and sinners? Because those are the people Jesus came to rescue.

Summer in the Psalms, Part 4

Hope for Unfinished Stories


Speaker: Philip Martin

Text: Psalm 77

In trials, while waiting for our trustworthy Savior, we can pray, pour out our hearts, pivot, and praise.

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