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Series: Our Values

Our Values, Part 1



Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Matthew 28:16-20

What is the mission of our church? Kevin dives into Jesus’ last command to his disciples and it’s wide-ranging implications for us as believers.

Our Values, Part 2



Speaker: Kevin Rogers

God’s Word warns us not to believe the lie that we can coast our way through the life of faith. It exhorts us to fight the good fight of faith, and to help one another fight that good fight as well.

Our Values, Part 3

The Spirit-Empowered Church


Speaker: John Leconte

The Spirit-empowered church is a diverse, loving, and unified people which proclaims God’s word with boldness.

Our Values, Part 4



Speaker: Robin Boisvert

In spite of the jarring nature of the phrase to our modern ears, “slave of Christ” is biblical and it gets at something essential in our relationship with God. If we grapple with what this phrase means, our relationship with God will be strengthened and our servanthood will be effective.

Our Values, Part 5

Scripture: The Bible in Your Hands


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Scripture is of the utmost value because it is God speaking to us for our good.

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