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Series: We Believe

We Believe, Part 1

God the Creator


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

God is almighty. God is creator. In our day, this opening part of the Apostles Creed is radical and revolutionary.

We Believe, Part 2

We Believe in Jesus Christ


Speaker: John Leconte

Jesus Christ is fully God, fully human, and Lord.

We Believe, Part 3

We Believe in the Church


Speaker: Philip Martin

Text: Ephesians 3:1-13

Believing in the church can be hard, but it is worth it.

We Believe, Part 4

We Believe Jesus Suffered


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

It was necessary for Jesus to suffer because we need someone to rescue us from the wrath of God.

We Believe, Part 5

We Believe Christ is Risen


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: John 19:41-20:20

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most consequential event in human history. It has altered the fate of nations, transformed cultures, and changed billions of individual lives. The question confronting each of us is this: Have a few zealous disciples fooled billions of people, or did a loving God come to us, die for us, and raise from the dead for us?  At Covenant Life, we are answering that question, very clearly and very simply: we believe.

We Believe, Part 6

We Believe Christ is Exalted


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: Luke 24:50-53

Christ ascended to the right hand of the Father and is reigning. His exaltation continues and intensifies his spiritual presence with us, his rule through his Word, his power over our enemies, and his intercession as our advocate.

We Believe, Part 7

We Believe in the Holy Sprit


Speaker: Robin Boisvert

Every corner of our lives is affected by the Holy Spirit.

We Believe, Part 8

We Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins


Speaker: Pat Ennis

Text: Romans 5:6-11

We believe in the forgiveness of sins because the death and resurrection of Christ guarantee forgiveness to those justified by faith.

We Believe, Part 9

The Centrality of the Gospel


Speaker: Kevin Rogers

Text: 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

The gospel is the majestic unfolding story of God’s grace, and the heart of that story is Jesus. He ought to forever be the substance of our proclamation, source of our motivation, and the fuel of our adoration. This gospel is central when it shapes, guides, and leads the way we live every day of the Christian life.

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