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Series: Worthy14

Worthy14, Part 1

Follow Me


Speaker: Dave Brewer

Text: John 6:66-69

Jesus asks his disciples an important question in John 6, and he asks us the question today as well. Following Jesus is recognizing Him for who He is, and surrendering your entire life to Him.

Worthy14, Part 2

Make Disciples


Speaker: Jon Smith

Text: Matthew 4:19

Amazing truth from this simple verse: Jesus makes us disciples that make other disciples. Our call is to follow Christ.

Worthy14, Part 3

Be Born Again


Speaker: Brian Davis

Text: John 3:1-18

Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be born twice in order to have eternal life.

Worthy14, Part 4

Is God Enough?


Speaker: Joshua Harris

Can we say that God is all we desire in heaven and on earth? The author of Psalm 73 didn't start there and his journey of faith can help us grow in beholding and finding satisfaction in God alone.

Worthy14, Part 6

Prayerfully Dependent on God for Everything


Speaker: Angel Cabrera

It is easy to think that application is something that we can do by ourselves. In this talk, we explore what the Bible has to say about what we can and cannot do apart from God.