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Series: Worthy15

Worthy15, Part 1

God’s Great Glory


Speaker: Dave Brewer

Text: Psalms 8

In Psalms 8, the psalmist refers to God’s great glory being “above the heavens”, yet he is still wonderfully “mindful of us.”

Worthy15, Part 2

God’s Holiness


Speaker: Jon Smith

Text: Isaiah 6

Worthy15, Part 3

The God Who Sends Us


Speaker: P.J. Smyth

Text: Acts 1

Worthy15, Part 4

The Love of God


Speaker: P.J. Smyth

Text: Luke 15

Worthy15, Part 6

The Faithfulness of God


Speaker: Will Laing

Text: Lamentations 3

January 13: Due to inclement weather, we will not have our Sunday service this morning. The building will remain closed all day, and all other events are canceled.