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Series: Blitz Conference

Blitz Conference, Part 1

Introduction to Proverbs


Blitz Conference, Part 2

Avoiding Ruin


Addressing the themes of living for pleasure, lust, and living in the unbelieving world.

Blitz Conference, Part 3

Interfacing with the World


Addressing the themes of money, our relationship with the authorities, our speech, and our friendships.

Blitz Conference, Part 4

Heart Government


Addressing the themes of decision making, laziness, and anger.

Blitz Conference, Part 5

Questions and Answers


Questions asked: 1) Is alcohol and wine the same thing? 2) Expanding on honorable and dishonorable jobs, 3) Difference between careers and non traditional jobs, 4) Expanding on gossip, 5) Difference between critique and gossip, 6) Single or Married, which one is married?

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